Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Syntax of Things

Having this all to myself 
Gaining faith losing control 
Makes me feel so alive 
I'm shiny enough to be sold

Wanting to say things
Blue, then grey, now white
Never to be quiet 
buzzing with the blindness of night

Beneath this unknown sky
Wandering to a perfect beat
Reinventing your name
With a past that can't repeat 

Like an empty altar
No angel in sight 
Just our telepathic connection 
Beckon dear so I can see your light

Wanting to be found 
so much to look at
Electric and so alone
Roaming like a stray cat

A gauzy apparition 
towering over my dreams
This energy catches me 
 I'm deciphering what it means

Transparent desire
Offering no resistance 
This is meant to be
And everything admits this


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