Monday, April 2, 2018

My sensitivity becomes sharper, deeper and brighter.

watch out she's dreaming
this is why we are here
to reach for more
love over fear
this is the day
this is the time
to stare at the skies of wonder
to see what you find
leave our light on
hand in hand together
this isn't about now
this is about forever

My Artwork

I think about this a lot.

John Lennon - The making of Imagine 1971

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Layer of Paradise

The window opened
morning flew in
to be born again
the sun hangs
 heavy like fruit
you make a sound
I care for your presence
you're never invisible
I hold you in my hands
I grip your kiss
my head swings
I look up
I drift
with the drifting wind
to get nowhere
let the birds dust
spread all over the close garden
I have joy in this design
like the joy of the blue skies
I am aimlessly humming
along with this vibration
I take my time
I've been drunk off of you forever 
no escape
I invented the clock
it seems to go my way
I asked my day to be mingled with yours
your name is given over to pleasure
your quiet compliments keep me warm through the clear Autumn days
      head in the clouds
      I am all over the heavens
      scattering this feeling like rain


Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I fell in and never came back
I followed this unknown feeling
You told me how to find you
And I knew you were worth stealing

The night has its charms
It causes me to glow
It let you notice me
Through the eyes of your soul

Never to be perfect
Nature has its way with me
Gold dust in my pockets
Always knew which way to be

Like a safe harbor
I find my moment
Like a twinkling star
Always Wanting to show it

My love song
Written and played
Slow dancing with the dreamers
This color can never fade

Night has its arms
I feel them around me so tight
I opened my door
The feeling marched in with delight

There's a spark that's bouncing
Scattering its light
I wish I could hold it
It makes everything so bright

I asked for you one night
And my wish came true
It was given by nature
It was the perfect shade of blue