Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Layer of Paradise

The window opened
morning flew in
to be born again
the sun hangs
 heavy like fruit
you make a sound
I care for your presence
you're never invisible
I hold you in my hands
I grip your kiss
my head swings
I look up
I drift
with the drifting wind
to get nowhere
let the birds dust
spread all over the close garden
I have joy in this design
like the joy of the blue skies
I am aimlessly humming
along with this vibration
I take my time
I've been drunk off of you forever 
no escape
I invented the clock
it seems to go my way
I asked my day to be mingled with yours
your name is given over to pleasure
your quiet compliments keep me warm through the clear Autumn days
      head in the clouds
      I am all over the heavens
      scattering this feeling like rain